Jazzfest 2004

I went to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival this year. This was the fifth time I went and the second time I've taken a digital camera and put up a web site showing pictures from the trip.

Jazzfest always happens on the last weekend in April through the first weekend in May. Most of the festival takes place at the fairgrounds, where they set up several stages, each with a different type of music. I spent most of my time at Economy Hall, the venue devoted to traditional jazz.

The festival takes place at the fairgrounds on Friday through Sunday of the first weekend, and Thursday through Sunday of the second weekend. There are also evening concerts at clubs outside of the fairgrounds. Monday through Wednesday are open days, with nothing happening at the fairgrounds.

It rained quite a bit from the night of Thursday, April 29 through the morning of Friday, April 30. The fairgrounds were flooded, so they cancelled Jazzfest for that day.

My camera is a Canon G2, which was one of the better prosumer cameras when I bought it a few years ago. I'm still happy with it, although there are better cameras on the market now. Digital photography is advancing so rapidly that anything one buys is bound to be surpassed in less than a year. I filled up two 256 Mb flash cards, plus the 32 Mb card that came with the camera. I selected what I thought were the best and most representative pictures from the trip. Just be glad I was a little selective - I took more than 500 shots in total.

Here are the pictures:

Jazzfest Stage Acts

In-Store Performances

Palm Court Jazz Cafe

New Orleans Jazz Society

Street Scenes